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Where to begin – the depths of me are magnificent, horrendous, glorious, tragic, sublime-hellish.

Basically an Italian-Hispanic mix – what’s that? White, Brown, an ambiguous mix? I don’t know. I leave it to the ethnic police to decide.

Quick bio – Born Chicagoan, grew up Panamenian (Central America, Panama Canal, jungle, carnival, surfing beaches, all that). There’s macaroni factories, the construction of the Pacific West railroad, and Indians in the jungles getting hacked by Spanish dons – all in my multi-generational past.  I am world travelled from one end of the Nepali Himalayas to the Cali desert, and lots more places in between.

Lived in houseboats, treehouses, beaches, apartments, and more.

I’ve played ukuleles, won Emmy Awards (for TV reporting), hope to get some for acting, lived, loved, lost. Moved on. I’ve pole danced, jazz danced, ballet danced, salsa danced, and other kinds of dance. Life. Written a few screenplays.  Have made one into a movie already – DEAD WEIGHT It is now available to watch free on YoutubeTV and Tubitv – LIKES and comments appreciated! Click below –

To watch the trailer, here it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myz5hqT-0sk

Also available on Amazon at – https://amzn.to/2niehxA

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