A walk or two down the Red Carpet with some of the actors in my movie, at the Aof Megafest and Las Vegas International Film & Screenplay Competition. It was sort of 15-20 film festivals merged into one. HUGE!

And then my movie screening of DEAD WEIGHT with a Q&A by me at the end, screened in a beautiful IMAX theater. Wow, I’d never seen my movie like that. And in the Q&A, in answer to a question about why I made the film and what it meant to me, I CRIED!!! No, OK, I blubbered. And couldn’t stop for a minute. Oh well, I’m an actor, I’m emotional. What do you want? It’s all good. Other than that, the screening and Q&A went off splendidly. Yeah, even that blubbery moment went off splendidly.

After making many new friends – shout out to Annette Hull, Warren Hull, Del Aof Weston, Carlo Essagian, Brian Sturges, Melissa Skirboll, Dream Muse, Rene Mena, and many more – and WATCHING ALL THE GREAT, INTERESTING, AND UNIQUE AND FUNNY MOVIES, well, then it was time to spend some downtime, eating my Panda Express chicken and brown rice by the resort pool (who knew Las Vegas charges a hotel fee AND a “resort fee”? So of course I was going to use that “resort” pool), then wandering through the cough-inducing smoke-filled exotic casino (every hotel has a cough-inducing smoke-filled exotic casino – another part of the “resort” allure), wondering at the lonely gamblers who while away the hours at slot machines – and then taking in the sizzling sinfulness of the Las Vegas Strip!  (another part of the “resort” allure we all pay for). After all the resort spending and film watching and hobnobbing, no time or money to take in the shows. I’ll maybe see you next time, dancing girls and cirque du soleil. And oh yeah, I was nominated for Best Actress at the Film Festival. I didn’t win, but oh, well, maybe the Oscars some other time? All in all, a whirlwind of a good time.